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Satellite program - St. Louis area / S. Illinois

Can include some "out of area" business owners.

100% online. High tech/High touch. 100% monetized.

P.S. Local "Live meetings" are an option.

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I understand that I do not need to live in the St. Louis area in order to explore this opportunity, and that up to 40% of the group's membership can come from outside of the area.


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MAX TEAM - Option 1

STL satellite group

Max Team membership includes local Max Satellite STL-area meetings only, placement in our local Max Member directory (coming soon), our private Facebook group (coming soon), and free online webinars and services such as Max Speed Networking (weekly on Thursdays at 12 noon CST), Max Summit for a reduced member rate (once monthly, coming soon), and available now, and Agora free membership (product discounts, some free Academy courses, free Agora University sales training, and referral links).

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MAX PRO - Option 2

Local STL + National

Max Pro membership adds Max national webinars and meetings, including the powerful Max Money Club (Wednesdays at 11 am CST), leaders-only Max Mastermind (Fridays at 3 pm CST), free Max Summit attendance (once monthly, coming soon), special JV (joint venture) opportunities, a PRO listing in our Max Member directory (coming soon), and everything included in Max Team: Max Speed Networking (weekly on Thursdays at 12 noon CST), private Facebook group (coming soon), Agora free membership (available now, see benefits above, including the Agora referral program with Sales Academy).

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Max STL-1 satellite group

Questions? Contact me at Greg@TheMaxCommunity.com or 480-780-1780.

1. MEETING TIME. We can probably start meeting now on a weekly basis. Does weekly at 7 pm on Wednesday work for everyone? We are flexible on the day/time. We thought that maybe an early evening time would be good for people who work during the day. Our meetings can be an "extra" or supplement to BNI members and other networkers, or some people might want to do just Max only since we have many options for networking, education, tools & software, and money funnels. Right now we are 100% online, but we can talk about having live meetings as well monthly, twice a month, or even weekly. Our group's home page (for now) is the page you are reading, with this link to share with others, https://themaxcommunity.com/satellite-1. The link to the main Max Community website home page is https://TheMaxCommunity.com.

2. PRICES / REVENUE SHARING. We are still organizing and are still FREE to attend our local meetings, but as soon as we launch officially our base charge for our Max Team program will be $50/month, and we have a $100/mo upgrade (Max Pro) which gives you National as well as Local options, and access to Max Money Club and Max Mastermind. You can sign up and pay HERE for Max Team, and the Max Pro link is coming soon. Either option qualifies you to attend all the meetings moving forward, and the Pro option gives you other Max perks. We are a revenue sharing community, so ... when you sign up, you will also get your own referral link as an Advisor to invite others to our group, and you can earn an ongoing commission from doing so. So there are benefits to getting on board early. Just reach out to me for details.

3. AGORA RESOURCES. We now have an official relationship with Agora Advantage who will be handling the money for all of our memberships and many of our programs. You also get special prices and benefits through a free or paid membership with them. See http://Max-Agora.com to get your free account as an Advisor with your own dashboard, referral links, and many benefits. They also have some great free sales training, and CRM upgrade options, a whole academy or training, and more! Vince Baker (CEO of Agora) came to our first meeting and might be able to come again this week.

4. MAX BOOK / Be a Sponsor! We are launching a "Max Community book" which is really YOUR BOOK for marketing your business and your story to the world, complete with evergreen marketing links provided by our new "MaxR App" technology (soon to be released), click HERE for more info and to get your SPECIAL PRICES as a sponsor during our 5-day sale. Nancy "Chiquita", Keith and John will be in the book, and I would love for the rest of you to be in it as well! We just started recruiting for this last Friday, but the pre-launch "sale" (special prices) ends tomorrow (Tue, 9-6) so please take a look at your options.

5. SUCCESS MODEL. We have a unique 12-concept Max Success Blueprint (Vision, Inspiration, Performance, Branding/Marketing, Money, Growth, Team ... Impact) which will be the base curriculum for professional development in our community, and that will enable each of your businesses to plug in and thrive as you serve members of the community and beyond. I would love to talk more about how to flesh that out in our first satellite group - need your input! We don't just want to be a networking group - we want to be a Business Accelerator to spur business profits and growth for our members through education, joint ventures, mastermind insights, special tools and technology, affiliate streams of income, social media marketing, TV-show exposure for our members, and more.

Can we invite others?


Please share this page link with other interested business owners, both local and beyond

(primarily for local businesses, but up to 40% of the group can be outside of the local area).

Questions? Contact me at greg@TheMaxCommunity.com or 480-780-1780.

I'm interested!

Please tell me more ...

NOTE: I understand that while The Max Community nationally is already organized

with a membership base, membership prices, and terms of service,

and that I can be part of a "local satellite group" program

in the St. Louis greater metro area.

I am excited to learn what that might look like!



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