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The Max Community (TMC)


Turn your business into a "profit machine" so you can live your life!


The best FREE networking on the planet!

The best PAID networking to accelerate your success.

Earn $$ by referring others!

Make your TMC membership itself a profit center!


We have multiple ways to help you make money right away

so that you can have the time to build your dreams!

Fast Path to Profit

We help you create a 30-minute mind map to identify QUICK CASH

and help you put KEY SYSTEMS in place to maximize profits

Max Affiliate Superstore
Interested in ongoing, passive, residual income?

Look no further than the Max Affiliate Superstore!

We have multiple programs, including affiliate programs offered

by our members, to help you achieve time and life freedom!

We are also a membership revenue-sharing community.

When you refer members to us, you get paid!


Powerful MAX tools for automating profits

Max Pro CRM - world's best CRM!

Websites, funnels, emailing, texting, automations,

with personalized, professional Tech Support

STARFISH App & Payment Platform

Get the amazing STARFISH app to help you get maximize cash back,

plus a complete audio library for training & inspiration

Max Video Creation

Easily create your own videos and post them to social media,

or attach them to emails and more!

Max Lead Generation

AI-drive software for generating high-quality, industry-specific leads

MaxR Mobile App

Our own mobile app (no one else has this!) for

going mobile with your business

STARFISH Cash-back App & Learning Platform

Get the amazing STARFISH app to help you get maximize cash back,

plus a complete audio library for training & inspiration


Grow and develop in every area of your life and business

Max Marketing Mastermind

Weekly mastermind with the top experts in TMC to create a simple

Marketing blueprint, create Linked In events, even have your own podcast

to explore your marketing and sales! One of the benefits of Max PRO membership.

Life, Business & Leadership University

STARFISH library of audios that will amaze your for their ability

to teach, train, inspire, and motivate (part of Cash-back App)

High-Level Collaborations

After you meet our amazing business owners, you will understand

what is possible in the area of collaborating & partnerships

As you can see from the list above, we are seriously about being

MORE than "just networking." Everyone has networking.


Success can be yours through the

Power of Community!

"If SALES is the OXYGEN for your business,


Dr. Max, 10-25-22