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  • JOHN DAVIN - Free Networking Directory and Success Tips, free online resources & PDF
  • LAURA KLEIN - Expand Your Network on Linked In, free coaching session, 30-minute Zoom
  • GREG SANDERS - Maximize Your Max Membership or Max Money Map, 45-min Zoom


  • ROBIN STERN - Marketing Brainstorming Session with Your Google Guru, 15-minute Zoom
  • NAOMI PAINE - Get Found Online with DIY / Do-It-Yourself SEO Tips, 30-minute Zoom
  • DON KLOS - Free Online Web Audit, 60-minute Website Assessment & Review with report
  • DANIEL RUBENSTEIN - The Value of One True List - eBook with 15-minute Zoom session


  • MIKE HAYES - Using a FREE EventBrite account to generate 100's of Leads, 30-minute Zoom
  • MELANIE WARNER - Free Consult: 10x your Business with a Book, 15-minute Zoom session
  • LYNN SANDERS - The Power of Story webinar, online resource and video Mastermind
  • CHRISTOPH NAUER - Business Breakthrough with Time Management, 30-minute Zoom


  • TODD BASLER - Bdollar Smart Financial Consultation, 10-min quiz, 45-min QNA on Zoom
  • ADAM SCHIZKOSKE - Core 7 Financial Fitness Workshop, $130 but all refunded if you finish!
  • BURKE FRANKLIN - How Much is Enough? (for your business), online Excel Worksheet
  • JOEL SAXE - Free Affiliate with Zen Delivery (for restaurants) & consultation, 30-min Zoom


  • STEPHANIE MASSMAN - Vacation Voucher to Resort Destination, your choice of destination
  • FREDA WILSON - Dating or Relationship Coaching Session, 60-minute Zoom session
  • PAMELA ALLEN - ThetaHealing Group Healing session, inquire for details (live, Zoom)
  • JOYCE SHALKOWSKI - X-39 Stem Cell patches (sample) or Loop TV Player, take your pick!
  • RISA LYNCH - Let's Help You Look & Feel Younger, free health consultation, 30-min Zoom

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