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🌟 MAX PRO Membership is our elite program within MAX3R and TMC - The Max Community! 🌟

For only $100 a month, access over $500 in value and accelerate your success with:

  • Max PRO Affiliate Program & Superstore - easily earn back your membership cost through referrals, then go on to earn substantial monthly and recurring commissions.

  • Showcase Your Product in Max Superstore - have our Max Pro community become your sales army and lead generation source.

  • Over 50% discounts on Max Pro CRM and other Max technology. This feature alone can more than pay for your Max Pro membership cost several times over, especially if you need some sales funnels.

  • M3 Marketing Mastermind - marketing help by our top community experts, including Alex Hitt (coaching on Linked In Events), Dr. Greg Sanders (marketing blueprint), podcasting (Bri Campano), and more!

  • Max Money Club - fun and effective ways of earning money, including Max Sharks program where you can pitch us on the financial benefits of joining YOUR program. (Be prepared for some Sharks action!)

  • Atomic Success Club - part Book Club, part Boot Camp, to rocket your success with habit-formation and the best insights behavioral science. Must have the Starfish Member add-on to access this resource.

  • Showcase your business on Heartbeat! Leader Position discounts on MAX3R/Heartbeat, both Community Leader positions and Product & Service Provider positions.

No contracts—just $100/month for a priceless community that turns dreams into reality! Join now and let success become your reality. 🚀✨

🌟 Special LIFETIME OFFER - Limited Time! 🌟

For a limited time, get Lifetime Max Pro access for only $1,297 once + $100/year renewal, or 3 monthly payments of just $500 + the $100/year renewal (to maintain your affiliate portal, etc.).

CLICK HERE to schedule with Dr. Greg Sanders and learn more about Max Pro membership.

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