Our Mission

The Max Community is a heart-centered, faith-friendly, excellence-pursuing business community that releases the power of Faith, Free Enterprise and Empowered Communities, and Relationship-Centered Technology and Innovation to bring maximum freedom and prosperity for all, the breaking of all forms of bondage for money and finances, mindset and focus, health and fitness, faith and spirituality, fun and lifestyle, family, friends and associates, personal fulfillment and total life satisfaction, and the enhancement of mission-driven impact to change the world.

Our Strategy

Through the power of community, we help you maximize your life and business through the Max Wheel of Success which uses 12 proven principles including vision, team, optimized performance, networking, education, tools and systems, and revenue-sharing, bringing financial prosperity, life satisfaction, and mission-driven impact.

Some of the 12 Max Wheel of Success factors.

We help Business Owners & Entrepreneurs to Clarify their Vision

Establish your Strategic Roadmap with Max's 12-factor Success Blueprint

Build a 24/7 Biz Machine with Tools, Systems & Software

Partner with a Max Dream Team To Grow Your Business Profits

Grow into Servant Leaders who serve with your unique Super Powers

Live a Dream Life, and send a message of Love to the World!

With The Max Community (TMC), your very own Dream Team, you can achieve your Dream Business, Dream Life, and Dream Impact on your Family, Community and World.