Edition 005. May 22-28, 2023

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Max Member Focus

Burke Franklin - Creator, CEO & Owner, Business Power Tools

& Biz Plan Builder

Focus on Burke Franklin

by Dr. Greg Sanders

Burke Franklin is an engineer by training, but an inventor, creator, and master of sales by experience. He is the Founder & CEO of Business Power Tools and the powerful, simple-to-use Biz Plan Builder. He will be a head coach in our new M6 Boot Camp program where you can structure your business for massive success in just 6 short weeks.


Interview of Christoph Nauer by Dr. Max on 5-22-23

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Three Areas covered by Video

1 - Burke's background in engineering and sales with Texas Instruments, Sharper Image catalog, and his own company which is now decades-old and has achieved great success in the software world, Business Power Tools.

2 - Why Burke likes mission of The Max Community as a business community of choice for himself, and why he is eager to be involved as a head coach in our upcoming M6 Boot Camp program. This program will move you forward quickly!

3 - How you can get started with your own Max-special subscription of Business Power Tools and the Biz Plan Builder (use the special Max link below), and why you should get on board with the M6 Boot Camp (starting in June, 2023).


Website / Max Special Price:

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2:00 - 2:45 pm Pacific / 3p MT / 4p CT / 5p ET

Link: http://MaxTeam.Live (or Zoom ID 246-810-1776)

Starting creating your own Business Plan for only $27/month! (Max 50% off special)

Just to to and sign up, then browse the software and watch the tutorial videos and we'll help you finish the rest in our M6 Boot Camp.

Max Member Focus - past sessions

Only one past session so far, with Adam Schizkoske from last week

Want to be interviewed on Max Member Focus?

You may have to wait your turn, but I would love to interview you as a Max Founder, VIP or Charter Member, or Max Power Player (new program coming soon; Power Players must have a significant business or social media following and have a program with strong compatibilities with The Max Community mission and programming.

May 12, 2023

Christoph Nauer

Owner, Balance 6 Coaching

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April 21, 2023

Dr. Sky Houston

Owner, Geeks by the Hour

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April 18, 2023

Adam Schizkoske

Max Founder, Global Strong

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I can't wait!

Your turn is coming!

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Talk to Dr. Max

Dr. Greg Sanders - Dr. Max

Challenges are a part of Business, and a part of Life

Wouldn't it be great if making money was Easy?

If having a successful business and tons of impact was Simple?

But, as you know, these things are hard-earned if they are achieved at all.

One of the enduring qualities of successful people is ENDURANCE, the ability to persevere under trial, under pressure, stress, mishap, and even (sometimes) betrayal and tragedy. These obstacles are a part of life, and therefore a part of business.

Most of you know my challenges of 2018 when I lost my two youngest children, and then my business (another company), or at least operational control of that business for about 4 years. But I would give all of my success, education, and everything else just to have my children back again. I still have 4 surviving, wonderful children, but I miss Loralyn and Dellon terribly, and their brother Darren as well, lost in 1991 after a 5-year battle to leukemia.

Having gone through these emotional hardships, and still surviving, has toughened me in many ways to not worry about "the small obstacles" (if any obstacles are indeed small or minor). Perhaps the obstacles are still significant and serious, but my attitude makes them out to be small. I choose to consider them as small, and the gratitude that God has given me for my current family, friends, and the good things of life greatly outweighs any challenges that I am currently facing.

I am proud to belong to a community of overcomer's like myself - The Max Community. I know that I am not alone in my ability to overcome and persevere. I am inspired daily by the great people of TMC and their positive attitudes toward life and business, and their giving attitude toward others.

Whatever challenges you are facing today, or in this season of life, choose to smother those challenges with faith, with gratitude, and with the perseverance that comes from grit and courage. May God lead us all on the journey set out for us.




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New! Tech & Learn Sessions

This week's topic: CRM Workflows & Automation

Did you ever hope for another YOU to help with the workload? How about a ROBOT that knows how to send emails, send text messages, create reminders, and performance significant tasks? That's what CRM workflows and automations are all about. Come and learn this week!

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Our Recent Guests

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Alison Patten


I have always been a people person, and building connections with like-minded, joyful people is a core of who I am. My husband and I have had an online business for over 12 years and it has been a blessing to work together while also associating with other entrepreneurs. We represent hundreds of high quality and organic consumable items primarily in health, beauty, personal care, and home care. More recently we’ve been helping with gifts for holidays, real estate closing gifts, and client or referral thank you gifts. We also enjoy working with people who want to start their own business or have an additional income stream because the 40+ year-old training system we partner with helps people start a business in our industry. It’s all about who you know, not what you know. Together, we can empower others to prosper!


Alison L. Patten

Anthony Amico

I am a funding strategist and have established a mission of helping start-up and existing businesses, real estate investors and developers, film producers, cannabis, etc. I work with most industries in most countries. I work with banks, the SBA, private investors, family offices, hedge funds, trading platforms and angel investors on a global platform. Examples of my continuously expanding product line are business working capital lines of credit and term loans. business start-up loans, beginner real estate investor loans, real estate lines of credit,100% financing asset-based loans, etc. My background includes over 25 years in banking, as well as restaurant ownership, adjunct business instruction, non-profit leadership, and being published.

Ed Reger

CEO/Founder - Marketing NorthWest


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