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What is The Max Community?

The Max Community is a online business community dedicated to help Everyone succeed

through the power of vision, tools and technology, and maximized community.

We help you maximize your whole life, not just your business.

We are fun, heart-centered, tech-savvy, innovative, excellence-pursuing, mission-focused, faith-friendly, and crazy about collaborating with you and helping you achieve your dream life!

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We also have amazing tools to help you on your journey, with amazing prices (for members only) on powerful, done-for-you services in CRM Management (funnels and websites, emailing and texting, membership sites and affiliate program management), and Social Media Marketing.

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Our Strategy

Welcome to the Max Wheel of Success!

Some of the 12 Max Wheel of Success themes or elements.

We help Business Owners & Entrepreneurs to Clarify their Vision

Establish your Strategic Roadmap with Max's 12-factor Success Blueprint

Build a 24/7 Biz Machine with Tools, Systems & Software

Partner with a Max Dream Team To Grow Your Business Profits

Grow into Servant Leaders who serve with your unique Super Powers

Live a Dream Life, and send a message of Love to the World!

With The Max Community (TMC), your very own Dream Team, you can achieve your Dream Business, Dream Life, and Dream Impact on your Family, Community and World.

Testimonials for The Max Community

and Max Community Events & Programs

Betty Withrow - Testimonial

Betty Withrow - freelance author and owner of The Writer's Launchpad.

John Davin - Testimonial

John Davin - aka "The Web Tools Guy" and an original Founding Member.

Freda Wilson - Testimonial

Freda Wilson - The Love Doctor and

Max Founding member.

Najm Lewis - Testimonial

Najm Lewis, with ISO - Mom & Pop Business Funds

Ed Garza - Testimonial

Ed Garza - "Mr. Pitchman" & owner of the Adwings 360 marketing agency.

Christoph Nauer - Testimonial

Christoph Nauer - Owner of Balance 6 Biz Coaching


We have free events every month! Max Speed Networking is always free, and you can come and visit our Max Team Live member-only events which occur every week. See what's available!

Success can be yours through the

Power of Community!

"If SALES is the OXYGEN for your business,


Dr. Max, 10-25-22