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"Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains."

Jean Jacques Rousseau

We are here to FREE YOU from those chains -

from anything that holds you back from freedom, success, and prosperity!

Maximize your Life. Not just your Business.

Now with Max 2.0!

Can you offer plans with software and done-for-you services?

YES! Absolutely!


We now offer Done-For-You services at amazing price points! We can manage your CRM for you, or your Media Blaster to promote you on multiple social media platforms. We make you look GREAT and generate leads for your business. How much is a hot lead worth to you? Let's fill your pipeline with gold! Just click above to learn more!

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Our Strategy

Through the power of community, we help you maximize your life and business through the Max Wheel of Success which uses 12 proven principles.

Some of the 12 Max Wheel of Success factors.

We help Business Owners & Entrepreneurs to Clarify their Vision

Establish your Strategic Roadmap with Max's 12-factor Success Blueprint

Build a 24/7 Biz Machine with Tools, Systems & Software

Partner with a Max Dream Team To Grow Your Business Profits

Grow into Servant Leaders who serve with your unique Super Powers

Live a Dream Life, and send a message of Love to the World!

With The Max Community (TMC), your very own Dream Team, you can achieve your Dream Business, Dream Life, and Dream Impact on your Family, Community and World.

What is The Max Community? (TMC)

The Max Community - TMC

is a heart-centered, faith-friendly, excellence-pursuing, fun, innovative, tech-savvy community of business owners who maximize life and business through ...


Online & Live Networking. This includes Free online Max Speed Networking weekly (you can see dates and register at, LocalConnect.Biz live free networking (when offered in your area), Member-only weekly networking for Max Team Live! (come free as a guest! See our EVENTS calendar or sign up HERE for our free Max Hotline to stay informed.

We make every meeting different and meaningful by using the 12 Themes or Phases of the Max Wheel of Success, starting with Vision, then Team, Performance, Sales, Growth, Money, and more. You will love these!


The BIG 3 R's - Relationships, Revenue, and Results, including strategic planning and results-driven professional growth opportunities using the 12-Phase Max Wheel of Success in everything we do.


We love having FUN! No one said business has to be boring. We set aside time in our meetings for crazy questions, games, music, prizes, getting to know each other and building relationships, learning how to MAKE MONEY through referrals, teaching, and technology. Like I said, we show you how to MAKE MONEY. That's pretty fun, too!


You should control your business, not the other way around! We promote FREEDOM - starting with freedom from restrictive "group rules" as we network and help each other, financial freedom for you and your family (we have a 10-minute quiz that can spotlight areas you can shore up or improve), time and lifestyle freedom (we love technology and automation and can help you with some awesome tools that fit your business model), freedom to express your values and your faith in a way that affirms who you are but also affirms others), and freedom in every sense of the word.


We are a Tech Savvy community that has fantastic software tools to recommend, and to HELP YOU with (if you're not so tech savvy). That's where the Community comes in - we help each other. For specifics, we recommend that every business start with our free MaxR App (digital business card that ties in with our meetings), get a CRM (customer relationship manager) software, and we love the Compass CRM because of its value, and because it's an All-In-One system that replaces Calendly, Mail Chimp, Textify, Kajabi, Keep, Active Campaign, and so many other tools - it's simple to use and you SAVE a lot (and we do Tech Support).

If you are NOT a tech person (or "all thumbs" at it), we are the perfect community for you, and we can help you build the perfect business machine for your business. If you are good at technology, we have a place for you, too! (and clients)


We believe in striving for EXCELLENCE, that we should always be growing and getting better. This starts with Strategic Planning to maximize yourself and business to have a better life. We don't settle for average or mediocre. TMC has growth opportunities for its members every week, starting with our monthly Max Challenges (for increasing sales, improving your marketing, using technology to automate your processes, track key indicators, and build relationships), and results-driven metrics.


Success by Numbers

For those who qualify (you are highly motivated and you have a business that is making money, or capable of making money), the 6-month program called Max Money Metrics Boot Camp will help you become wildly successful. In fact, your success in M3 is 100% guaranteed or your money back! That's because we know exactly what we can help you achieve in your business with our proven method, starting with a FREE SESSION for those who qualify. To see if you qualify (and blow your mind just a little), please take our Free Survey at If you want to guarantee your success, M3 is definitely for you!


3 phases, 12 factors

If Success is your destination, the Max Wheel of Success (MWS) is your MAP to get you there. The 3 phases of the MWS are: Start, Scale, and Serve. The 12 factors are: Vision, Team, Performance, Sales, Growth, Money, Challenges, System, Raving Fans, Customer Journey, Customer Service, Impact & Legacy. These 12 factors work together to accelerate your success.

We use the 12 factors as "themes" for our meetings, which keeps them as active forces in your life and business journey. The "wheel" metaphor implies that we continually cycle back around to improve each area again and again.


With most networking groups, paying a fee just means a negative drag on your budget. Not with TMC! First of all, we focus on ROI (return on investment) in a big way, making sure that if you spend $100 you'll make $1,000. Second, we do revenue-sharing with all of our members as you help us to grow, especially during our Charter Member push to start new TMC groups throughout the country. If you are interested in earning hundreds or thousands of dollars a month helping us to grow, just say ME and we'll work out a plan to put money in your pocket every month!


We are starting local TMC groups throughout the country, so we have two money-saving options to join our paid membership at a HUGE SAVINGS, including a limited-time LIFETIME OFFER and join at the MAX PRO LEVEL (for national + local events, plus more). This gives you the ability to help us recruit others, build TMC groups, and earn back your investment plus a recurring, positive cash flow.

No monthly fees! Join for One Low Price!


We have free events every month! Max Speed Networking is always free, and you can come and visit our Max Team Live member-only events which occur every week. See what's available!

Hear from our satisfied members!

Testimonials for The Max Community

and Max Community Events & Programs

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Betty Withrow - freelance author and owner of The Writer's Launchpad.

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John Davin - aka "The Web Tools Guy" and an original Founding Member.

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Freda Wilson - The Love Doctor and

Max Founding member.

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Najm Lewis, with ISO - Mom & Pop Business Funds

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Ed Garza - "Mr. Pitchman" & owner of the Adwings 360 marketing agency.

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Christoph Nauer - Owner of Balance 6 Biz Coaching

Success can be yours through the

Power of Community!

"If SALES is the OXYGEN for your business,


Dr. Max, 10-25-22