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The Max Community (TMC) is full of heart-centered, talented business owners eager to help you, buy from you, collaborate with you, and become your Dream Team to push you HIGHER, FASTER.

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The Max Community (TMC) is full of heart-centered, talented business owners eager to help you, buy from you, collaborate with you, and become your Dream Team to push you HIGHER, FASTER.

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Testimonials for The Max Community

and Max Community Events & Programs

Betty Withrow - Testimonial

Betty Withrow - freelance author and owner of The Writer's Launchpad.

John Davin - Testimonial

John Davin - aka "The Web Tools Guy" and an original Founding Member.

Freda Wilson - Testimonial

Freda Wilson - The Love Doctor and

Max Founding member.

Najm Lewis - Testimonial

Najm Lewis, with ISO - Mom & Pop Business Funds

Ed Garza - Testimonial

Ed Garza - "Mr. Pitchman" & owner of the Adwings 360 marketing agency.

Christoph Nauer - Testimonial

Christoph Nauer - Owner of Balance 6 Biz Coaching


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Dr. Greg Sanders, aka "Dr. Max"